The Lipstick Loving Nurse 30 Day Makeup Challenge

Hey There,

So I kind of had to abandon the blog there for a while due to illness. My fibromyalgia is playing up big time since the cold Winter kicked in. That plus my crash injuries not getting better and you have a sore and feeling sorry for herself Marian. I haven’t felt well enough to post or blog to be honest. But I need a kick! I currently feel dull, uncreative and stuck in a makeup rut. Hence why I decided to create this 30 day Makeup Challenge. This will force be to think a bit more and try more makeup styles, something I always find fun. The main reason for the challenge though is boredom. I am bored of the same styles of makeup turning up in all my social media. I mean, I love a glittery cut crease along with the best of them but I swear I got to a point where if I saw another one online, I was going to cry! Cut creases, deep contour, perfectly blended out eyeshadow, overdrawn lips, over the top highlight and concealer brows are all trends I like but seriously, we need a change!! This is in no way trying to knock anyone who rocks those looks by the way. I believe makeup is totally subjective and you should wear whatever you like. I just need a change for a while.


I will be kicking off the 30 Day Makeup Challenge tommorrow over on my Instagram. If anyone wants to take part in the challenge, just let me know or tweet your looks with the hashtag: #TheLLN30DayMakeupChallenge.

Chat Soon,




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